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My life as a human being is, in my opinion, pretty straight forward.  Where it
becomes complicated is when the cerebral palsy influences what I wish to

Things are generally made more challenging for me when people say
‘You’ll never do that’, such as winning my black belt in Karate.

I’m an Aries, so cannot stand losing or not being able to finish a task.  In terms
of the five elements, I have WOOD characteristics.

It has been a long struggle - the first eight years of my life I was reliant upon a
Wheelchair. I was living in an age when disabled children went off to special
school and the Charitable Organisation for my condition was called “The Spastics

At seventeen my DSS advisor (the one for people with disabilities) told my mum
I should go home and claim benefits and not bother with working.

I spent most of the 1980’s unemployed, until getting a job on my own merits in
1989 with Avon Tyres (and touch wood, I’ve been in employment ever since).

As far as public speaking is concerned, whatever your particular topic I will aim
to include some relevance in my talk; for example talking about employment to
businesses, my world travel to travel Agents, School life to children etc.

I can talk for as long as you need whether that’s for an after dinner event,
School Assembly or a Conference.

The subject matter will always be based around my life and experiences and I
will try to tailor the content and length to the age and ability of the participants.

Please contact me to discuss fees and expenses.