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16 November 2011
So, if you’re having an event where you’d like to
Inspire your delegates or pupils then please give me
a call or Email; or use semaphore, smoke signals or
indeed any other method of communication!
Hi There,

Thanks for stopping by the web site, which I hope will become your one and only
source of information about what I can offer you.

There’s loads of background details about me plus links to the other stuff I do
such as computer programming, Karate, Tai Chi, Health related exercise and
work related Training Sessions.

After reading about me and seeing the videos I have made over the years,
quite a number of people have said to me “You’re Inspirational” but I never
really gave it much thought and certainly never considered the possibility of
being so.  They then went on to say I should consider giving talks to people
and groups because my story was something people would like to hear.
My interest in public speaking was aroused when I was asked to speak at the
2007 South West Region Sport England Conference and then shortly after at a
local event organised by the County Sport Partnership.

Additionally I have attended several Wiltshire Schools to give talks about my
life and experiences.  I’ve also been on BBC Wiltshire Radio (2007) with Sandy
Martin talking mainly about my day job working with ex-drug users and how I
attempt to help them move on with their lives.  

I’m back on the BBC again this year (2009) talking about tai chi sessions with
Marie Lennon and with Graham Seaman talking about my favourite subject (me)!

In January 2011 I appeared on BBC Somerset radio with
Steve Yabsley for a half hour chat.